Tuesday, November 21, 2017

on eBay this week!

c1850 Reproduction Thread Winder
  This glorious sycamore thread winder is on eBay this week~ if you are interested, you can see it here !

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Now offering 24K Gold Gilding

 So you want gilded bunn feet on your casket, but don't want to do the gilding.. or just dont have the time~ so let me do it for you! I have gotten so many requests that I now offer to gild the bunn feet that I sell~ above are my Graceful Ladies~ theyre so pretty and happy with a layer of real 24k gold....I mean, who wouldnt be?
 These are my ladies installed on a flat top casket~
 And these, tho not gilded yet, on a double casket. I designed my feet after 17th c originals~ theyre called Graceful Ladies because they are very sleek and graceful!  If you are interested in a padded mirror case and want your feet gilded,  I have added a gilding option on the class order page above as well.
I use real 24k gold, and seal with a clear UV protectant especially for gilding. I will also finish your feet with dark brown felt pads~ as shown above.
 Cost shown is per set of four feet, right now I am only offering 24k gold.

 Graceful Ladies Set of 4 Bunn Feet~ 80.00 USD

24k Gilding Per set of 4 feet~ 65.00 USD

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy to Order Slate Frames!

 Slate Frame Ordering Page Above!
  I have added a new page at the top of the blog just for ordering slate frames~ complete with paypal buttons for all the different sizes and types, custom paint and monograms. If you have questions or would like a custom paint or size not listed on the new page, please feel free to email me at rlkinnison@yahoo.com or leave a comment for me here & Ill get back to you within a day!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Slate Frames for Embroidery

In several sizes & hard to find extra large 36" square
  I have had much interest in my slate frames and after going wood shopping I have some details~ much easier to post here than send out so many emails~ so here are the particulars~
 firstly, for those of you who are not familiar with where I live, well...I live in southern Colorado....and for shopping for just about anything, I may as well live on the moon. My nearest store that sells wood stock if you can believe is a 98 mile trek north up I25 to Pueblo....and thats one way!  I went wood shopping on the way home from taking daughter to the airport in Denver this week and was able to pick up  a nice selection of Poplar and some Red Oak for slate frames. Couldn't find any maple~ booooooooo!
 I am planing on making slate frames 'inbetween' other projects...dolls, my flat top casket, padded mirror cases, and some kit work I am working on....so you can watch the Diamond K Folk Art blog for what I have ready made, or you can order a slate frame and Ill work on it priority like I always do with orders~ cause hey, I don't like waiting for things, and don't like my customers to wait either!  If you are interested in having a slate frame made~ I am offering in 3 sizes~ small, medium and large. The medium frame is dimensions of mine I just made with 24" stock and will fit a Thistle Threads Door'd Mirror frame.  The small is from 16" stock, and large 36"~ which yes, will fit the Thistle Threads Fancy Mirror Frame.
 Working area within each frame are approximate, depending on how you lace your frame, and are as follows~
Small~ 16" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 11 x 12"
Medium~ 24" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 19 " x 20"
Large~ 36" horizontal & vertical bars(4), with working area apx 31" x 32"

 Since the Red Oak is quite a bit more expensive than the Poplar, there is a price difference~ I hope you will find the below chart easy to follow~ but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The prices are for plain, unstained, clear varnish finish, and do not include shipping. I would of coarse be more than happy to discuss a custom painted frame if that is your pleasure~ cost is dependent on the design and intricacy of the work.

Slate Frame Small~
Poplar~ $110.00
Red Oak~$135.00

Slate Frame Medium~
Red Oak~$165.00

Slate Frame Large~
Red Oak~$205.00 
     To order a frame, just fire me off an email to rlkinnison@yahoo.com
******PAINT is ADDITIONAL***********
   I am happy to work out a custom one of a kind design for you~ just ask! To give you an idea of prices, here are a few options~
 Allover Rose (like mine)~ 125.00 per frame(medium size)
 Old English Monogram (like mine)~ 50.00 per frame 
 Script Monogram~ 25.00 per frame

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New 17thc Reproduction Bunn Feet for Caskets

Graceful Ladies~

  I am so thrilled to offer my latest design in reproduction 17th c bunn feet!  The feet I designed and use on my padded mirror cases are bold and classic~ while these are more graceful~ so feminine and delicate! They are turned from maple, and smooth as a baby's behind~ ready for gilding or finishing.  The example above is gilt in my Roman gold finish as an example~ the ones I am selling are unfinished
  My bunn feet are a combination of two particular styles that I adore~ pictured here both above and below
  The sleek longer necks set the caskets up, while the graceful pot bellies give a substantial base foundation. My daughter thinks they look like chocolate drops
  They have the most gorgeous profile to add to the charm and character of your casket~ after all, I believe the feet are just as important to a correct period representation as the casket body itself.
     Shown in first photo installed in a Thistle Threads Flat Top casket, each foot measures 1 & 3/8" tall including the tenon.  Price is for a set of four, as seen above, in maple with shipping within the Continental USA included. If you are interested in a set and live outside the USA, just drop me a line at rlkinnison@yahoo.com and I can send you an invoice with priority air international shipping to your specific location .

 Graceful Ladies Set of 4 Bunn Feet~ 80.00 USD

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Padded Mirror Cases Available without Class

  For those who wish to purchase multiple cases or do not need the step by step finishing or beadwork  instructions, I am now offering my Padded Mirror Case separately for 600.00USD.  You can find all the info and particulars on the Case & Class page above, and special purchase button under the CASE ONLY page. My embroidery pattern is still included, just no online instruction.