Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New 17thc Reproduction Bunn Feet for Caskets

Graceful Ladies~

  I am so thrilled to offer my latest design in reproduction 17th c bunn feet!  The feet I designed and use on my padded mirror cases are bold and classic~ while these are more graceful~ so feminine and delicate! They are turned from maple, and smooth as a baby's behind~ ready for gilding or finishing.  The example above is gilt in my Roman gold finish as an example~ the ones I am selling are unfinished
  My bunn feet are a combination of two particular styles that I adore~ pictured here both above and below
  The sleek longer necks set the caskets up, while the graceful pot bellies give a substantial base foundation. My daughter thinks they look like chocolate drops
  They have the most gorgeous profile to add to the charm and character of your casket~ after all, I believe the feet are just as important to a correct period representation as the casket body itself.
     Shown in first photo installed in a Thistle Threads Flat Top casket, each foot measures 1 & 3/8" tall including the tenon.  Price is for a set of four, as seen above, in maple with shipping within the Continental USA included. If you are interested in a set and live outside the USA, just drop me a line at and I can send you an invoice with priority air international shipping to your specific location .

 Graceful Ladies Set of 4 Bunn Feet~ 80.00 USD

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