Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Now offering 24K Gold Gilding

 So you want gilded bunn feet on your casket, but don't want to do the gilding.. or just dont have the time~ so let me do it for you! I have gotten so many requests that I now offer to gild the bunn feet that I sell~ above are my Graceful Ladies~ theyre so pretty and happy with a layer of real 24k gold....I mean, who wouldnt be?
 These are my ladies installed on a flat top casket~
 And these, tho not gilded yet, on a double casket. I designed my feet after 17th c originals~ theyre called Graceful Ladies because they are very sleek and graceful!  If you are interested in a padded mirror case and want your feet gilded,  I have added a gilding option on the class order page above as well.
I use real 24k gold, and seal with a clear UV protectant especially for gilding. I will also finish your feet with dark brown felt pads~ as shown above.
 Cost shown is per set of four feet, right now I am only offering 24k gold.

 Graceful Ladies Set of 4 Bunn Feet~ 80.00 USD

24k Gilding Per set of 4 feet~ 65.00 USD

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